The Five Benefits of Dedicated Runs and How to Decide if They Are Right For You

The Five Benefits of Dedicated Runs and How to Decide if They Are Right For You

Every trucking job comes with unique challenges. However, among these difficulties are also room for new opportunities. If you're considering becoming a truck driver, then it's a good idea to explore dedicated runs.
This guide from details everything you need to know about dedicated truck driving, including the top five benefits and why many truckers go this route for their careers.

What Exactly Is Dedicated Trucking?

Dedicated trucking is when carriers haul freight for only one primary customer on their route. The first main advantage of this job is that truck drivers have the same freight loads every time.
This consistency means a dedicated driver can quickly memorize their routes, what freight lanes to take, and the schedule. Dedicated drivers also know who to communicate with at the location, making it easier to build a relationship.
Dedicated trucking has several other names, including:

  • Primary freight
  • Dedicated freight
  • Contract freight

The process starts with a carrier designating a particular capacity amount to their brokers or shippers. Then, typically, carriers create a direct contract with a dedicated trucker for a specified time.
While extremely competitive, dedicated truckers can create a steady, consistent, and long-lasting business.

The Five Benefits of Dedicated Runs

Dedicated runs offer numerous benefits for professional truck drivers. However, the following are the top five:

1. Consistency Across the Board

Most trucking jobs require you to take different routes every day. Additionally, you may often find yourself hauling different-sized freight. Some truck drivers enjoy this variety, but many prefer taking the same daily routes and establishing a more consistent routine.
You will naturally fall into a groove when you take the same route each day, hauling the same freight. Additionally, you'll know who you need to speak to when entering a warehouse or loading dock. As a result, you can quickly forge long-lasting relationships with your customers.
It's important to note, however, that being a dedicated truck driver requires excellent communication skills.
Additionally, if you're an employer hiring dedicated truck drivers, you should vet candidates to see if they have these communication skills. A simple misunderstanding between a driver and an employer can jeopardize your contract.
For well-adept at forging relationships, dedicated runs are a smart choice.

2. Longer-Lasting Agreements

While some dedicated trucking agreements only last a few months, many are annual. An annual contract means you can better create a budget and plan your routes.
Dedicated trucking contracts typically make less money than fields like long-hauls. However, knowing you have a contract that will last longer offsets this issue for most truck drivers as it provides greater job security.

3. Consistent Rates

Consistent rates are another benefit of having contracts that last several months or years. While fuel prices can cause fluctuations, both parties agree to a flat rate or percentage. As a result, you'll consistently know your paycheck for each job you tackle.
You can easily plan your next business moves with a consistent paycheck.

4. Opportunities for Growth

Many trucking companies find they can grow their business exponentially with dedicated trucking. With annual contracts in place, you can turn your focus to future business.
Besides gaining new clients, you may find adding new fleets or equipment and hiring new drivers easier. Dedicated trucking also lets you better manage a consistent cash flow.
You'll also need to handle more responsibility as a dedicated truck driver. Although you will have fewer clients, ensuring you're offering top-notch customer satisfaction becomes a greater priority.
Despite this increased responsibility, many truck drivers and trucking companies prefer managing a handful of clients versus many at once.

5. More Time to Manage Your Personal Life

Truck driving is a lot of hard work and involves several long hours on the road. Besides overall exhaustion, being unable to see your family can take a toll on your mental and physical health.
Balancing your personal and work life is a struggle for many employees. However, having a consistent schedule for your dedicated runs can make it easier.
Dedicated truck drivers usually have more time to spend with their families on a consistent schedule. For many, this benefit beats the allure of being out on the open road.

Should You Be a Dedicated Truck Driver?

For many, dedicated truck driving is an excellent career path. However, this career isn't the right fit for everyone. Drivers wanting a consistent work schedule and more time with their families choose dedicated runs.
Meanwhile, truck drivers who like the open road's freedom may want to explore other opportunities. Additionally, you may not make as much as a dedicated truck driver compared to jobs like long-hauls.
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